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Eliminating Education Property Taxes in Manitoba

The 2021 Manitoba Budget marks a victory in the decades-long advocacy effort to have the Manitoba government implement a more equitable education funding model that removes provincial taxes from property.

Starting this year, the province will begin lowering education property taxes by 50 per cent over two years (25 per cent per year) for residential and farm properties, and 10 per cent this year for other types of property, in the form of tax rebates. 

According to Finance Minister Scott Fielding, “Homeowners across Manitoba can expect an average rebate of over $800 over two years.” The announcement is welcome news for homeowners and real estate professionals alike. As REALTORS®, we want to ensure the opportunity of owning a home remains affordable for Manitobans for years to come. Phasing out education property taxes supports this objective. 

Reducing the taxes will help to ease the occupancy cost burden associated with owning a home in Manitoba at a time when pressures on homeownership affordability are rising. It should also have a positive impact on consumer spending ability, which is critical to broader health of the economy. 

Despite the many challenges facing government in combatting Covid-19, we commend the Manitoba government for its commitment to lowering taxes and improving affordability.   

In moving towards a fairer and more even system of funding public education, we believe government has an opportunity to strengthen the education system while making Manitoba a more attractive place to own a home and operate a business. 

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Over the last two decades, Lorne Weiss and the MPAC committee have had numerous meetings with the Manitoba Government and their efforts have been featured in the media. Below you'll find an archive of media articles showcasing their efforts on this important issue. 

Congratulations to Lorne Weiss and the entire MREA Manitoba Political Action Committee. Well done!

Advocacy Marathon Covered by the Media Over the Years