Insuring Knob and Tube Wiring Stays on the Frontlines

January 3, 2012, Winnipeg, MB– The Manitoba Real Estate Association’s Knob and Tube Task Force has been fundamental in spearheading the drive to move towards a protocol that will provide both insurers and consumers comfort in terms of safety, as well as certainty of availability of home insurance.

MREA Past President Lorne Weiss spoke with Richard Cloutier this morning on CJOB about knob and tube wiring issues in Manitoba.

“They’ve equated old wiring to knob and tube wiring in saying that it’s not safe,” said Weiss.

Weiss also went on to say that, “What makes wiring unsafe is people who are tampering with it and doing it in a manner that isn’t up to code or in a safe manner, and that’s not only true of knob and tube that’s true of copper wiring and aluminum wiring that we have in our homes.”

MREA’s Knob and Tube Task Force, led by Chair Brad Walker, has most recently met with the Provincial Superintendent of Insurance for Manitoba and stakeholders in the insurance industry.

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