Mandatory Requirements

Relicensing education is mandatory. The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) requires all real estate professionals to:

  • Complete six hours of relicensing education every year after becoming registered (three hours in-class, and three hours online)
  • Submit a renewal form and fee to the MSC by your renewal deadline

Visit MSC for details, including:

  • Renewal form (Application for Renewal of Registration)
  • Fees

Relicensing Education

Subject to the approval of the MSC, MREA develops and administers an annual relicensing education seminar. To retain your registrant licence, you must first attend a half-day, three-hour seminar and then complete a three-hour online learning component, prior to your licence renewal deadline.

MREA will confirm proof of seminar completion to The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) within one week. To register online, click here.

Seminar Policy

See complete seminar guidelines and procedures here

  • Registration begins 30 minutes prior to scheduled sessions
  • Registrants are expected to be seated by 9:00 amĀ / 1:00 pm
  • Anyone arriving later than 9:00 am / 1:00 pm will not be admitted
  • Attendance is monitored
  • Registrants must complete the in-classroom portion prior to the online learning component


Relicensing education seminars are held throughout the year with most sessions held in Winnipeg and select rural locations.


If you fail to comply, you must purchase the seminar materials and write and pass an exam in order to renew your licence. Please contact MREA for details.