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Course Fees

Module 1 cost is $1,220.00 ($1010.00 plus $210.00 examination fee). Module 2 cost is $920.00 ($710.00 plus $210.00 examination fee). Module 3 cost is $920.00 ($710.00 plus $210.00 examination fee). Module 4 cost is $650.00 (no examination required).
We accept cash, money order, cheque, Visa and MasterCard.
MREA does not provide financial assistance services, nor does MREA provide a list of scholarships or other institutions/programs that may assist with program/course costs.

Course Registration

No, each student must register individually, will be assigned a student number, and must use the current course material as provided by MREA.
As per The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC), individuals must be at least 18 years of age to apply for real estate licence registration in Manitoba. All individuals at least 17 years of age may enroll in the licensing education course, as Modules 1 through 4 must be completed within 16 months of the Module 1 course enrollment date.
If you are past your program/course expiry date, you will be required to re-enroll in the program/course at full cost (less the cost of the materials if you have the current versions) and begin with the first course in the program.
Yes, payment must be provided by credit card, and will include an additional shipping fee. It is important to note that the timeline for the course starts on the day payment is processed – that is, once the registration form and fee have been received. However, course materials will not be mailed to students unless the student has provided MREA with the signed and dated Enrollment Confirmation Letter which students receive via email once MREA has processed the registration.

Course Basics

Once you have registered for the course you will receive the course material which includes workbooks and reference materials. Some of the courses have an online study resource available and a link will be emailed to you.
With the exception of Module 4, MREA does not offer classroom course study or tutorship; however some brokerage firms do offer mentoring classes (which might necessitate a contractual agreement with the brokerage, so we encourage you to inquire). If you do not attain a passing mark, the MREA will provide you with an “examination feedback sheet”; additionally an appointment can be made with the MREA education program specialist for further examination review, if deemed appropriate.
The courses are designed to be self-study; however for course content inquiries you may contact the MREA education department.
MREA is authorized by the MSC as the sole provider of real estate licensing courses in Manitoba; in order to apply for your licence in Manitoba you must successfully complete the courses as offered through MREA.
There are no assignments required for the Module course study program. There are other MREA courses that do require completion and submission of an assignment and this is indicated in the applicable course workbook. Be sure to review the course content as explained in the introductory chapters of each course workbook.

Course Timelines

As the course is self-study it will vary from person to person.
Modules 1 through 4, the corresponding examinations and required online courses are to be completed within 16 months of the Module 1 enrollment date. Students can complete the program/course any time within the course/program timeline. However, extension requests past the program expiry date will not be granted, except for consideration for the following: • medical issues where a medical note is provided, • significant family crisis such as death, or • other similar extraordinary events. Determination of an extension will be at the sole discretion of the MREA. Students who do not successfully complete the entire program/course within the designated timeframe must re-enroll in the program/course, begin with the first course in the program, and pay the full registration fees. For the students taking Real Property Law and Principles of Appraisal as part of the articling program, the timeline provided only applies to the course enrollment with MREA; the registration required deadlines imposed by the MSC takes precedence over the MREA timelines. Other course/program timelines are as follows:

MREA Education Courses/Program Timelines

Modules 1 through 4

16 months from Module 1 enrollment date (month end)

Broker Program

18 months from Office Management enrollment date

Law *

6 months from enrollment date

Appraisal *

6 months from enrollment date

Property Management

6 months from enrollment date


2.5 years from enrollment date

Condominium Sales 

6 months from enrollment date


6 months from enrollment date

Salesperson Challenge

6 months from enrollment date or the date the MSC indicates

Salesperson Interprovincial

6 months from enrollment date or the date the MSC indicates

Broker Challenge

6 months from enrollment date or the date the MSC indicates

Broker Interprovincial

6 months from enrollment date or the date the MSC indicates

Exams and Results

Yes, most of the courses conclude with a three-hour examination. There is no examination for Module 4, rather a two day in-class course with credit received for full attendance followed by two required online courses, there is no examination required for Risk Management in a Real Estate Office or Agricultural operation in Manitoba but rather a final assignment for each of these courses.
Examinations are held in the event centre at MREA, 1873 Inkster Boulevard, and are usually scheduled weekly on Tuesday. There may be exceptions to the scheduled day of the week during summer holidays and so forth.
The passing grade is 70 out of 100 marks, or 70 per cent.
Completed exams cannot be removed from the MREA office nor copies made; this is in order to preserve the integrity of the examination process. Requests for exam review will be at the discretion of the MREA education department on an individual basis, and may be done in person or by telephone.
If a student does not pass their first examination, they will have two additional chances to write an exam for that course. If a student does not attain a passing mark on the third attempt, the student must wait one year from the date of the third exam to re-enroll in the program from the beginning, i.e., if a student failed Module 3 three times, he/she would have to wait one year from third exam date, and re-enroll into the program starting with Module 1 and pay full registration fees for the courses. The fee to rewrite the examination is $200 plus GST, payable prior to the exam re-write. Exam marks are withheld until payment is received in full. No credit or marks from previous examinations are applied to the rewrite examinations or the final mark in the course.
Examination results are confidential and are only to be disclosed to the MSC and the student.
Yes, students residing in rural areas within Manitoba are requested to contact the invigilator in their area to schedule their exam, and invigilation fees may apply. Please advise MREA at least two weeks prior to your exam date to allow sufficient time for us to ship the exam. Students residing outside of Manitoba may write their exam at an approved invigilation centre located in Canada. For more information on approved invigilation centres in Canada, please contact Jane Walker, Education Coordinator, at










































Once you have completed Module 4 (including the online courses) and within six months of completing Module 4 you must be engaged with a real estate brokerage firm in Manitoba and you must submit your licence application to MSC. The brokerage firm will assist you in applying for your licence through the MSC. MREA will provide you with a Next Steps document during the Module 4 in-class course. This document is a useful reference in the planning and implementation of your business.
The costs associated with licensing include the licence cost itself, initiation fee(s), insurance fees, and membership fees. Fees will vary depending on whether you belong only to MREA and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), or additionally to Winnipeg REALTORS® (WRA); or the Brandon Area REALTORS® (BAR), or an independent brokerage firm. The costs may vary depending on the time of year and with any prorating of the costs which may be applied to a particular fee. Please note that the MSC fees are flat fees and are not prorated.
Any requests for extensions to the articling courses must be directed to, and will be decided by the MSC at
Salespeople and brokers currently licensed or having held a licence within the previous 12 months in another province must contact the MSC. The MSC will request your education and licensing information and will determine if you are eligible to register for the interprovincial course. If your eligibility is approved, you will then purchase the MREA education course material and appropriate encyclopedias. Your course registration with MREA will expire after six months, however, you must pass the course by the date set by the MSC when they granted you approval for the course.
Most provinces offer an interprovincial course in order to facilitate the transfer of real estate licensing; please call the real estate association of the province in question.

Relicensing Education (RLE)

Due to the ever-changing and complex nature of laws and regulatory controls regarding the real estate industry, The Manitoba Securities Commission mandates that salespersons’ and brokers’ knowledge be current for the benefit of buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords. MREA is committed to ensuring public trust in the marketplace and one aspect of that commitment is the assurance that all practitioners maintain current skills to build consumer confidence and trust in the profession. Registrants and the public are best served by a dynamic, continuously updated curriculum offered by an authorized education provider.
All registrants in Manitoba are required to annually complete six hours of relicensing education through a combination of three hours in-person classroom learning and three hours of online computer-based learning. The in-person classroom learning must be completed prior to the online computer-based learning.
Registration for Relicensing Education (RLE) is only available online via the MREA Online Education portal at
No – students complete the current year’s relicensing requirements during the Module 4 course.
Yes; every licenced registrant must attend one of the relicensing education seminars for every year they are registered. For clarity on this requirement, contact The Manitoba Securities Commission.
Yes; two business days’ notice is required to transfer seminars; if sufficient notification is not given there will be a short-notice fee of $15.00 plus GST. If an individual is unable to attend on the day of the seminar and provides notice on that day, there is a re-registration fee of $15.00 plus GST; if no notice is given on that day, the individual will be required to re-enroll at a cost of $75.00 plus GST.
No, you must be in attendance for the entire seminar, from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon or 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Arrival after 9:00 a.m. for the morning session or after 1:00 p.m. for the afternoon session, or departure prior to dismissal will result in forfeiture of your registration fee, and the re-enrollment fee of $15.00 plus GST for a subsequent session.
No, MREA does not bill real estate brokerages, only individuals.
No, registration is only available online through the MREA Online Education portal at
Failure to successfully complete the in-class portion of the relicensing education (RLE) for the given year may result in the purchase of the RLE course materials and the writing of a closed-book examination. Any individual failing to take the relicensing course must: enroll in the relicensing course at a cost of $157.50 (GST included); write a closed-book exam at a cost of $400.00 plus GST. The pass mark for the written exam is 70 per cent; failure to pass the written exam will result in the individual rewriting the exam until a passing mark is achieved. The fee to rewrite the exam is $200.00 plus GST. The online requirement must also be completed prior to license renewal; however, you will not receive access to the online component until you have successfully passed the examination.