Coalition Tells Politicians To Get Serious

September 18, 2011 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – The Manitoba coalition representing 250,000 Manitobans say the half-measure promises that politicians are making to get education taxes off property continues to make a patch work quilt out of education funding and a confusing property tax system.

It’s time for them to seriously review the issue of how education is funded and deliver a more substantive solution that is fair to all Manitobans and to our educators, said Lorne Weiss, Chair of the Manitoba Education Financing Coalition that is leading the campaign during this provincial election.

“We noticed today that the NDP promised, if back in office, they would give seniors and farmers some relief. Earlier the Tories offered cottage owners a similar break. The smart party is the one that stops nibbling at the corners of this issue and instead makes a serious effort to fund education properly through general revenues not property taxes.”

“In short, if the current system isn’t fair for seniors, farmers and cottage owners, it isn’t fair for any Manitoban. We would prefer that the commitment was to fund a true 80 per cent of all operating costs from general revenues along with a commitment to move towards funding 100 per cent in the next term of office. It’s time to get serious.” The coalition urges Manitobans to stand firm and united on this issue and not be tempted to vote for half measures. Ask candidates at the door when they are getting all education tax off your property and go to the website and use the electronic letter to SEND A LETTER to all politicians.”

The Manitoba Education Financing Coalition, a group of 40 organizations representing 250,000 Manitobans, support In calling on the Province of Manitoba to reduce its reliance on property tax to fund education, the coalition recommends that education be supported through the province’s general revenues, that way Manitobans can all pay a fair share to support the education of the next generation.

Coalition Chair:
Lorne Weiss, President Manitoba Real Estate Association MREA,
Cell 204.955.7544 /


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