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Relicensing Education (RLE)

All registrants in Manitoba are required to complete annual relicensing education through a combination of in-person classroom learning and online computer-based learning.

During the calendar year, MREA will deliver The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) approved classroom seminars in several locations across Manitoba.

Note: MREA’s learning management system will provide the platform for the required online training portion. Registrants are required to complete the in-person classroom portion of RLE prior to the online portion. The online computer-based learning will only be available for completion during the calendar year.

Failure to successfully complete the in-class portion of the RLE for the given year may result in the purchase of the RLE course materials and the writing of a closed-book exam. The online requirement must also be completed prior to license renewal; however, you will not receive access to the online component until you have successfully passed the exam.

The RLE program is designed to deliver current and comprehensive information, and to ensure that registrants are provided with seminar materials for future reference. RLE is in place to enhance consumer protection, further the professionalism and professional image of registrants, and mitigate potential claims against registrants.

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