Is a Career in Real Estate Right for Me?

Review the following statements honestly. If most of the statements apply to you, you may be suited to a career in real estate.

I am willing to invest time and effort now to gain income later

I am honest and I can be trusted

I am willing to spend the time and money to successfully complete the required licencing courses

I am willing to take ongoing education courses as required by my employer or as necessary to maintain my real estate licence

I want to be rewarded based on my efforts

My family is prepared to accept my busy schedule

I possess good communication skills

I enjoy meeting and talking to people

I possess good computer skills

I present myself professionally and with confidence

I can handle setbacks and the word “no”

I can solve problems as they arise, both large and small

I am prepared to ask for help when I need it

I can manage my personal finances

I am willing to be flexible to ensure that a client’s needs are satisfied

I am an organized person and can handle details well

I will manage my time to get the job done

I enjoy making decisions and helping others to do the same

I am prepared to work hard to reach my goals

I have a good contacts base from which I can draw prospective buyers and sellers

Next Step

Are you and real estate a good fit? If yes, get started with Step 2: Registration to register for Real Estate as a Professional Career, Module 1.