MREA and The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) take seriously any concern about the behaviour of a real estate professional. We work quickly to resolve any issues.

Step 1
If you have a concern involving a REALTOR®, contact your REALTOR’S® broker.

Step 2
If your issue goes unresolved:

a) Contact MREA:

To launch a formal complaint with MREA please provide the following information in writing to Steven Hyman, MREA Director of Professional Standards

  • Property address(es) related to the complaint
  • The name of the REALTOR® or REALTORS® involved in the complaint
  • Any supporting documentation related to your complaint
  • Your name and signature. MREA does not investigate anonymous complaints
  • Your email address, mailing address, and day-time telephone number on a separate page or under separate cover. (MREA only uses your contact information to contact you and does not provide your contact information to any other party)

Once MREA receives your letter of complaint we will send you more information about our process and how we can help you. If you decide to proceed, your complaint will be sent to the real estate professional(s) named in the complaint for their response.

Your complaint and the response from the real estate professional(s) will be  forwarded to the MREA Investigative Committee. The committee will determine the next steps.

MREA is not a government agency, nor the regulatory body for the real estate industry. The MREA complaint process is a membership disciplinary process only. The MREA Investigative Committee is not a court of law and is unable to provide any form of financial compensation to complainants.  If you have concerns about financial compensation, contact your lawyer.

The MREA complaint process is a confidential proceeding. If we suspect fraud or any infraction that may affect a MREA member’s licence, we will immediately refer your complaint to the registrar of the MSC.

b) Follow the MSC Complaint Process