Prepping for PAC Days

March 25, 2013, Winnipeg, MB – The countdown is on to PAC Days in Ottawa, which will see a handful of Political Action Committee, MREA directors and association members head to Parliament Hill on April 29 and 30.

Our members will join about 350 REALTORS® from across Canada to “blanket the Hill” and share CREA issues with Members of Parliament at the CREA event, says Lorne Weiss, Chair of the Manitoba Political Action Committee (MPAC).

“As well as educating our PAC reps, our job there is to visit as many of our MPs as possible, typically in our own riding, and address the main issues that we feel are important to REALTORS® right across the country.”

This year the focus will be on bending MPs’ ears and advocating for policy change on two issues.

“First, we’re asking the government to make a commitment to continuing to index the Home Buyers Plan to the current cost of living,” says Lorne.

CREA members will also lobby the government to allow property owners to defer previously written-off depreciation, when they sell an investment property and buy another of equal or greater value. This will help lead to small investors having the opportunity for reinvestment in our communities.

“We believe smaller investors should be given the same tax deferral benefits as large investors. This would allow people to use more of their equity towards purchasing another property, resulting in greater investment availability in the short supply rental housing market,” says Weiss.

MREA will also host an annual dinner at the Parliamentary restaurant, inviting all Manitoba MPs and Senators to connect with them for some face-to-face time without a formal agenda.

“We find that we’re very well received in Ottawa, because over the years we’ve established a high standard of providing MPs with reliable and well-researched information they can use,” says Lorne Weiss, MPAC Chair.

Would you like to attend PAC days next year? Get involved! MREA is always looking for REALTORS® to get involved at the board or association level, or to serve on the MPAC. Contact lorne@lorneweiss.comor the bcollie@mrea.mb.caif you’re interested.


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