Manitobans Agree on Education Tax

September 27, 2011 – Winnipeg, MB – Manitobans agree that education tax should be taken off our property tax bill and that all Manitobans should pay fair.

Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA) CEO Brian Collie and Immediate Past President Tom Fulton appeared with Richard Cloutier on CJOB 68 this morning to reveal results of the provincial poll that the MREA and CJOB 68 partnered on during this provincial election and which included the important issue of removing property tax from the property tax bill.

“Our entire system has always been based on taxation and representation going together and people who own cottages, not only are they paying school taxes twice,” said Tom Fulton, “they’re paying on their homes in the city or wherever they live, and they’re paying on their cottages. They pay the taxes but they have no say in how those taxes are spent.”

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