Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc. – Realtors Advocate for Home Ownership to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

MTM Family Spotlight

Linda is a single mom that sacrifices everything for her family. She has a stable job and leases a two-bedroom apartment for her and her two children. Linda pays her bills on time each month. She stretches her pay so she can feed her family nutritious meals and once a month, she treats everyone to a take-out meal. She makes just enough money to meet life’s day-to-day needs, but no extra to save for her dreams. One of those dreams is to own her own house.


Although the idea of home ownership is daunting, Linda daydreams of being able to host her extended family for holiday dinners. She longs to decorate and hang pictures of her children. To personalize her home to reflect her values. Linda knows her goals are unattainable so she focuses her energy on the more pressing day-to-day frustrations of her neglected apartment, loud neighbours, and ever-increasing rental fees. Linda and her children feel unsafe in their neighborhood, but she simply can’t afford to move them to another part of the city.

The Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Program

For Linda, it seemed that homeownership was more like a fairy-tale than a goal, but with the help of Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc. (MTM), her dream recently came true. Linda purchased her first house this summer. “I love my home. I finally have a kitchen that’s clean and bright where I make healthy meals for my children. I have a wall filled with family photos and I just hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner. Nobody else in my family owns a home so for all of us to be able to gather  to celebrate is so great. My home is their home.”

MTM is a unique program that provides mortgage assistance to qualified First Nations families who meet stringent credit and employment stability requirements and who complete money management, home maintenance, and a home-buying orientation session. MTM is a partnership between the members of the Manitoba Real Estate Association, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Manitoba government. Since 2009, 17 families have become MTM owners and have obtained up to $30,000 in home equity growth. MTM provides a pathway to stability and financial independence, and helps break the cycle of poverty.


We are always looking for families that qualify for the MTM program. If you or someone you know may benefit from our program, please contact Natalie Yourchek at

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