The Manitoba REALTOR® Network (MRN) is MREA’s large and growing group of advocacy representatives. Members of MRN participate in provincial advocacy discussions on behalf of the real estate profession, home buyers, sellers, and communities across Manitoba. The Manitoba Political Action Committee (MPAC) oversees the activities of the MRN.

MRN is a non-partisan initiative and REALTOR® members meet and build relationships with elected officials across the political spectrum. An annual government relations symposium is held in the fall to equip members for successful constituency meetings between REALTORS® with their respective elected officials. MRN chooses advocacy issues with concern for reflecting a focus on building stronger communities where everyone thrives. Our current issues and proposals are:

Pay Fair on Education Finance

REALTORS® are calling on the provincial government to establish a single provincial mill rate for the education portion of property taxes and to gradually shift to funding education through general revenue. MREA is a longtime coalition leader uniting thousands of Manitobans who believe education is a core provincial service and should be funded in an equitable way across Manitoba.

Expand First Nations Home Ownership

Manitoba Tipi Mitawa is a groundbreaking affordable First Nations ownership program that helps to stabilize communities and save the government money. REALTORS® are asking for a funding partnership with the Manitoba government to extend down payment and mortgage subsidy assistance to qualified Manitoba Tipi Mitawa families.

Reduce Barriers to Home Ownership

The provincial land transfer tax is ballooning out of control and presents a cost accessibility barrier to home ownership, especially for first-time buyers. The Manitoba REALTOR® Network is advocating for the provincial government to provide a $750 land transfer tax rebate for first-time buyers and people with disabilities to help them realize the dream of home ownership in Manitoba.